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  • Election night thoughts (

    Sometimes we get too distracted to realize how lucky we are.

    When I was in college, I visited the famous Portobello Road, where all the great antique shops are. I squeezed my way into a store and saw one of the most beautiful necklaces I had ever seen.

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  • Hot

    Mzungu (

    Writings on the adversities and splendours I encounter on my travels.

     Click to read Mzungu, by M. E. Rothwell, a Substack publication. Launched 4 months ago.

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  • The Cost of Free Play (

    By spending 7+ hours a day looking at a screen, Gen Z is digesting life in a way never before seen. Using academic studies and philosophy, I theorize about their cognitive development may lead to a lack of imagination and how that might impact our collective future.

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  • deepculture (

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  • The common struggle of writers (

    Not everyone has the privilege to be a full-time writer, working on their fiction or poetry collection. Most of them have a day job to sustain their life, instead of freaking out as their income fluctuates.

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