Newsletter Issues

  • Weekly NFT Schedule (

    Never miss out on an NFT drop again! NFT schedule sends you the best upcoming NFT drops of the week with a summary and all the relevant information. Start your week prepared and get ready for your favourite NFT drops.

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  • Tuesday Triage (

    Your weekly crème de la crème of the Internet is here!

    Every Tuesday I triage the Internet and send out the crème de la crème in a newsletter to cover you on all fronts: from mobile security to mixology.

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  • Citizen Scholar (

    A community of readers who value the study and discussion of important ideas that shed light on the past, present and potentially, our future. Join hundreds of Citizen Scholar subscribers by signing up below – we’ll be launching in early September 2021!

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  • 25 on 25 (

    25 new monthly song recommendations on the 25th of every month. 

    A monthly newsletter that includes:

    1. A hyper-curated Spotify playlist meant to be listened to in order.

    2. A special theme and description behind each month’s curation.

    3. Occasional collaborations with fellow writers, creators, and arti

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  • Bar by Bar (

    ‘Bar by Bar’ is a comedy-drive music discovery newsletter! We take one music video and then dissect it in great detail, coming from a place of love for pop music and a desire not to take it too seriously. Each newsletter is just as long as it needs to be and comes out exactly when least expected!

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