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  • Issue #28 (

    Binance banned in UK but crypto trading unaffected

    Quick hits:

    1. ‘Bitcoin will go all the way to $160,000 this year,’ says Celsius CEO
    2. Avoiding Buying Crypto? You’ll Be Sorry
    3. GUIDE: Full guide to DeFi – A series of must read blogs for anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the space

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  • – Issue #21 (

    Quick Hits:

    1. What is EthereumMax, and why are celebs promoting it?
    2. Famous Billionaire Steven Cohen: I Have Completely Converted To Crypto
    3. Bitcoin price can hit $450K in 2021, $135K is ‘worst-case scenario’
    4. Should you care about NFTs? Here’s what we think
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  • Money Is All About Luck (

    Welcome to our 4 new readers of the Scuttlebutt! If you aren’t subscribed and are looking for actionable finance and business knowledge weekly, join us! Hello and happy Monday Have you ever considered what it takes to get lucky? No not that way – like true genuine luck. Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a variety of answers on luck. Some people don’t think it exists while others believe luck is an active force beyond control at work in our lives every day. I tend to fall somewhere in between; I believe it exists but that luck is a derivative of our actions and therefore we can control it.

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    Essential insights in a small package.

    The Astukari Newsletter is a curated list of worthwhile content by writer Jacob Robinson. Every two weeks get the best in psychology, business, investing, and more in an email that takes about two minutes to read. 

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