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  • Histories (

    Weekly stories from the hidden corners of history.

    Histories is a free weekly email exploring hidden corners of history through diaries, letters, articles and memoirs of the past. Fascinating lives and events recorded first hand!

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  • Philosopher File: Deng Xi (

    Deng Xi was a lawyer and philosopher associated with the so-called “School of Names”. He was skilled in debate and frequently caused confusion by simultaneously arguing opposite viewpoints.

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  • Stop before it is too late (

    Welcome to SOCIAL CHAIN, a newsletter about important stories that deserve your attention and action—written by me, Daria. What happened? Civil war in Ethiopia: the conflict between the federal government and the ruling party of Tigray, the northern region of Ethiopia, broke out at the beginning of November. After multiple cases of disobedience of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed unleashed the military forces to reconfirm his reaffirm his influence across the country.

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