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  • Telescopes, not Microscopes (

    One of the reasons I feel so passionate about empowering people to invest is because of the advantage you have over institutional, or professional investors. You and I don’t have high-speed networks, don’t pay for research, and certainly don’t have insider information. There are people on Wall Street whose job is to analyze and predict how much money a company will make next year. The stock market is a zero-sum game (one person’s victory is at the expense of someone else), which puts us competing against people who have those edges. It may seem like the odds are stacked against you but the reality is, we as individual investors have the biggest edge of all; time.

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  • When To Sell (

    One of the biggest problems that investors experience is determining the proper time to sell. In this edition I examine some of the factors to consider when determine when to sell.

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  • Getting Your Financial House in Order (

    Do you ever have a long list of chores to get done but you can’t start because your living or workspace isn’t clean? It’s amazing how spending an hour organizing and getting everything into its rightful place prepares you to work better. Before I even start my coursework each day, I spend 15-20 minutes straightening my room because I literally can’t think straight otherwise (thank you to my mother for reading this and passing on this wonderful…curse/trait). Whether you’re blessed with this ailment or not, your financial life is the exact same way. How can you expect to plan for your future if you have no idea where you are now?

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