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  • Your on-page SEO checklist (

    In issue no. 20, Jessie looks at the priority areas for on-page SEO for news stories from the research stage to publication. Here’s our (exhaustive) guide to on-page SEO for publishers.

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  • Therefore (

    Your journey from consumer to creator starts here. 

    Therefore Daily, tips and insights for creators to build their own world. 

    Everything you need to thrive in the online economy sent straight to your inbox.

    We help people like you build their own world.

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  • The Big Con (

    Being “authentic” is a winning formula for brands, politicians, and cons.

    The Big Con shows how marketing and propaganda intersect to highlight how players quickly build credibility and inspire behavior. Readers should be able to spot disinformation, or at least know when they need more research.

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  • Managing Up – Scrappy MarTech #24 (

    Managing Up. One of the most challenging things to do as a Marketing Team of One is to manage your boss or “manage up”. If you are frustrated because your boss thinks they know more about marketing than you do, peppers you with emails, disrespects your time, or has no clue what you really do then this issue is for you.

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  • Retailtainment: a deep dive into the new shopping experiences (

    A century later, Emile Zola’s vision of shopping as a mass leisure activity is still relevant. However, in 2021, the playing field underwent a significant transformation. With the onset of the pandemic over a year ago and no respite in sight, digital escapism continues to fuel retailtainment with multiple facets and subtle undertones. If you are under the impression that you have seen everything associated with shopping-entertainment, you are in for a ride. Because this is just the beginning.

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  • Building Community – Scrappy MarTech #22 (

    Building Community. Community rocks! While building an audience amplifies your own voice, building community engages and amplifies each other. But building community is particularly difficult if you are a Marketing Team of One. It is time-consuming, hard to show ROI, and difficult to find the right tools. This issue is focused on helping you build a community.

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  • Influencer Marketing: The new marketing playbook in a social-dri (

    In an increasingly social world, influence marketing is becoming an industry game-changer, particularly in the beauty and fashion sectors. Successful influencers have what brands crave: A passionate fan-base. With that, they’ve unknowingly become hugely important gatekeepers for up and coming brands. As a brand, if you can convince these influencers – you might actually have a shot at taking your industry by storm. And while some savvy players have it covered, many are still missing on that crucial connection, ultimately putting their business at risk.

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  • Murder Coffee (

    Black Rifle Coffee has made violence a core component of its brand. Amongst other things, I use an Ayn Rand quote to illustrate why this is problematic.

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