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  • Philosopher File: Gautama Buddha (

    The Buddha was a wandering renunciant in Ancient India who kick-started a two and a half thousand-year-old religious and philosophical revolution. But who was this mysterious figure, and what was the revolution he started?

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  • I'm Not Yelling (

    Nick is back. This time he gets lost in his anger. An everyday situation turns into an internal struggle with his angry side. It’s the little things, like leaving the kitchen spotless – only to have his wife swoop in & clean up after him – that push his buttons the wrong way.

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  • Getting Your Financial House in Order (

    Do you ever have a long list of chores to get done but you can’t start because your living or workspace isn’t clean? It’s amazing how spending an hour organizing and getting everything into its rightful place prepares you to work better. Before I even start my coursework each day, I spend 15-20 minutes straightening my room because I literally can’t think straight otherwise (thank you to my mother for reading this and passing on this wonderful…curse/trait). Whether you’re blessed with this ailment or not, your financial life is the exact same way. How can you expect to plan for your future if you have no idea where you are now?

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  • Mental Model: Occam's Razor (

    The simplest mental model to make wise decisions in life. Mental models are how we understand the world. Not only do they shape what we think and how we understand but they shape the connections and opportunities that we see.

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  • Of This Moment (

    10-Minute Sunday Stories For Growing Men.

    Nick Lions’ Sunday short-stories are about the life of a middle-aged man and his mission to reclaim his fading superpowers.

    Nick is all of us men. His stories entertain, motivate and connect to help men regain their footing for the second half of their lives.

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  • The Extreme Skills of The 10x Creator (

    Dear Everybody, Anyone who wants to become a great creator is up against The 10x Creator, a creator ten times, 50 times, or 100 times more productive than the average creator. The concept of a 10x Engineer has been around for 50 years, and today a similar dynamic range of productivity applies to creators. Like 10x Engineers, 10x Creators are valuable and rare. They’re not just one standard deviation away from the mean, they’re extreme outliers — one in 2,000,000 — five standard deviations away from the mean.

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