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  • Hunting Knowledge with Eric Jorgenson (

    Curating information is simple. Curating wisdom, not so much. That’s what Eric Jorgenson, the author of ‘The Almanack of Naval Ravikant,’ has done. And that’s not even the fascinating part. How he does it, using nothing but Google Docs, is. When you know where you are going, you don’t need fancy tools to stay organized. Otherwise, how else would you know what to do with a CSV dump of 20,000 Naval tweets?

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  • Flexible Consistency ⚖️ (

    The problem with rigid consistency is it doesn’t reflect the way life works. Flexible consistency is about combining proactive planning with…

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  • Start today (

    Ten years from now, your future self will thank you for a seed you planted today. The habit you started developing. The inner voice you listened to. The few sentences you wrote. The idea you acted on. Even if you can’t tell where it will lead, today is the day to begin.

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  • "Celebrity Thinkers": internet's new icons (

    While the Covid-19 crisis is in full swing and everyone fears for their work and their future, a new class of influencers is taking off: the “celebrity thinkers.” And they could change a lot of things in today’s uncertain landscape. Let’s dive in. Games of influence

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