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  • Election night thoughts (

    Sometimes we get too distracted to realize how lucky we are.

    When I was in college, I visited the famous Portobello Road, where all the great antique shops are. I squeezed my way into a store and saw one of the most beautiful necklaces I had ever seen.

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  • Duffel Blog (

    Duffel Blog is the first and only satire newsletter devoted to the military community. Read in the Pentagon and around the world. “They’ve made a lot of fun of me and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it.”—Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

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  • ESG = Emperor Sans Garments(?) (

    The consensus ESG investing movement provokes an inverse “Anti-ESG” reaction. Human progress through capitalism is a series of messy tradeoffs. Wise investors look inward for “fairness” and virtues.

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  • Daily Newsletter (

    Today’s Christian News |100% Free daily newsletter that provides a broad range of Christian perspectives. We share diverse viewpoints so you can make up your own mind.

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  • Taking Action this World Oceans Day (

    To guide us through World Ocean’s Month, welcome guest writer and activist Kevin Travis – an SOHP community member and Science Officer at California Ocean Science Trust. We’re covering both personal and systemic actions you can take to help save a happy place spanning 70% of the world.

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