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  • Your Character Must Fight an Inner Battle (

    I share tips & tricks from my screenwriting journey to help you navigate your own. I also talk about creativity & creative entrepreneurship from time to time!

    In this issue:

    1. Create your character’s internal conflict

    2. A good thriller to watch

    3. An article to change the way you approach your story

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  • Bar by Bar (

    ‘Bar by Bar’ is a comedy-drive music discovery newsletter! We take one music video and then dissect it in great detail, coming from a place of love for pop music and a desire not to take it too seriously. Each newsletter is just as long as it needs to be and comes out exactly when least expected!

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  • Take the leap. (

    This bi-weekly newsletter helps you build a happy & fulfilling screenwriting career. From now on this email will come to you twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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  • I'm Not Yelling (

    Nick is back. This time he gets lost in his anger. An everyday situation turns into an internal struggle with his angry side. It’s the little things, like leaving the kitchen spotless – only to have his wife swoop in & clean up after him – that push his buttons the wrong way.

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