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  • Conquer Copywriting – Scrappy MarTech #10 (

    Copywriting can make or break your marketing campaign. This issue of Scrappy MarTech: Discover no-code AI tools to help with copywriting. Build your own swipe file in Notion. Best tips for writing Google Ad copy. Ethical copywriting. One strange grammar rule you use but don’t know it.

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  • Fresh Squeezed 002: Inspiration – Orange Star Design (

    Rumor has it that I get all my ideas from other people. It’s true. Inspiration is all around us. To keep your tank filled, surround yourself with interesting, positive, smart, inspiring people. Similarly, if you consume and surround yourself with good art, music, fiction, prose, or film, etc., I can’t imagine you’d ever run out…

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  • Why a Twitter acquisition of Substack would be a bad idea (

    Image via Needpix Welcome! I’m Simon Owens and this is my media newsletter. You can subscribe by clicking on this handy little button: Why a Twitter acquisition of Substack would be a bad idea In the world of tech, few things get people more excited than talk of an acquisition. As a writer who covers the industry, I’ll admit I become animated when discussing the business synergies of various companies; it can be fun to game out how the merging of two separate products can generate enormous scale and change the paradigm for how a service is delivered. Acquisitions turn founders into millionaires and can move markets.

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